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Self-proclaimed Japanophile.

Hello! My name is Max, I’m from Sweden, but more than anything else, I’m a proud lover of Japan and I’ve been a dedicated fan for over 20 years. Right now I live in a small mountain village located in the south parts of Japan, only a stone’s throw away from Japan’s largest active volcano, Mt. Aso. Here I work locally to promote responsible tourism that helps to preserve local culture, spend time with my cat, grow vegetables, and explore the stunning mountain nature. Jump in, follow me on my adventures, and get a peek into the unknown parts of Japan!

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On YouTube!! Kaji-Max Nansan Yokabai!

Minamioguni’s self-proclaimed idol Kaji-chan and I on adventures in rural Japan. Some sillines, some flare, but more than anything, a whole lot of awesome Japanese culture. Check out and follow us on our Journey!

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