New adventures!


Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by! My name is Max and this is me!


I recently left Sweden and moved to Japan to start a new life. A couple of years ago I lived in Japan as an exchange student for 2 years and since then it has always been my dream to move back and work here. That dream came true this year on the 2nd of October when I finally arrived in Japan with a brand new working visa. My plan was to start blogging earlier but life has been crazy since coming here so it took a while to get started but here I am. Now I’m living in a prefecture called Kumamoto in the southern part of Japan! It is a beautiful place with breath-taking nature and kind people with warm hearts.

Since the middle of October I’ve been living in the city of Kumamoto but that is actually temporary. My final destination is a town called Minamioguni-machi which is a small mountain-town with about 4000 inhabitants in the northern part of Kumamoto prefecture. Minamioguni is a part of the greater area of Mount Aso (picture above) famous for its active volcano. The town itself might be small but it has lots of heart and is a true hidden gem that anyone should visit at least once. Here I will work and try to promote tourism and make sure that different people from all over the world can experience this part of the Japanese countryside that I have grown to love!

Here are some more examples of the beautiful landscape of the area.

Hopefully, someone will enjoy reading this blog, at least friends and family might appreciate the update. In the best case, it might even inspire someone to visit the rather unexplored parts of southern Japan. In the worst case, I’ll just use it as my public diary!

I’ll end this first post here! A bit short I know. But I’m actually moving to Minamioguni tomorrow already so I have lots of things to prepare. I’ll be back later this week with some more information on this little mountain town I’m moving to so stay tuned. And overall, look forward to more posts about Japan, life in the country-side and much much more!

Thanks for taking the time and reading this far! And feel free to leave a comment! 🙂




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