Local TV, Tokyo, and cherry blossom


Hello! Last week I mentioned that I would try a new way of writing the blog! This way it will be more like a diary with one update for each day entailing something that stood out to me. So instead of one long theme for the post, there will be 7 small peeks into my daily life. Hope you will enjoy it!

Monday! So what’s up here? Matching outfits? Bowtie? Actually, my colleague Kaji-chan and I are planning a short show where we introduce different spots in Minamioguni. The show will hopefully be shown on local TV here in Minamioguni. And of course, a texted version by yours truly will be uploaded to YouTube as well. This Monday we went out to do our first test-recording! It’s only the two of us so expect some amazing and charming B-quality production! Will keep you updated!


Tuesday! As a tour guide in the making, I thought that I should polish my knowledge on the history of Minamioguni so I asked for help from my colleague Yayoi-san who is a walking encyclopedia with a special interest in history. This led to a study circle slash dinner at our other colleague Chiaki-san’s home. Chiaki-san’s husband Kousuke-san is a teacher which, together with Yayoi-san, made the perfect team to beat some much necessary knowledge into my head! I intended to take a picture of the gathering for the blog but I got too absorbed in the conversation and forgot it completely! Luckily enough I got to bring some of the leftovers from Chiaki-san’s fantastic cooking home with me which will do perfectly as the picture of the day! Yummy!

Wednesday! These pictures that might seem very random is actually taken while I was waiting to board the plane to Tokyo! Yep, this week I went to Tokyo to meet my girlfriend and came back just a couple of hours ago. So what is up with these pictures? Japan’s fascination with Sakura, or cherry blossom, has always fascinated me. Sakura is truly beautiful but I can’t help but find it funny how suddenly 50% of all news is about when and where the sakura will bloom. The serious looking man to the left, that might easily be mistaken for a politician or CEO of some big company, is actually reporting on the fact that only 4 of 5 necessary flowers have yet to bloom meaning that it is sadly yet too early to declare the blooming official. Obviously to the big disappointment of all the news channels gathered in hope of catching the magical moment live. Anyway, Japan is crazy about Sakura!

Thursday! My girlfriend is funny, she loves spicy food but she can’t handle it at all. She brought me to her favorite Chinese restaurant to introduce me to her favorite spicy dishes. And it was truly an experience to remember, not only because the food was over-the-top tasty! But also because Madoka, as her name is, had her faced turned against the wall coughing in agony during most of the dinner. This is standard when she eats spicy food but she keeps insisting that she loves it so who am I to question!

Friday! As we were out strolling in Tokyo, suddenly there was a beautiful light beaming down through the backstreets we were exploring giving birth to a very nice atmosphere. At once I bring out my camera to capture this beautiful moment… Right as the shutter of the camera is released a random middle-aged man turns around with impeccable timing creating this magical one-shot. The mystery in his eyes and the glowing halo of light shining from behind him. What is he thinking? I will never know..

Saturday! Madoka and I enjoyed a date night at the beautiful metropolitan park Rokugi-en where they just started an event illuminating their three major cherry blossom-spots. We didn’t actually expect much since the blooming just began. But to our big surprise 2 of 3 spots where in pretty much full bloom! A very appreciated miracle that allowed us to enjoy a romantic sakura moment even though we were a bit early. It was truly a beautiful place and you can even sit down and enjoy some warm umeshu or Japanese sake if you feel a bit chilly. Recommended if anyone is in Tokyo! But you should hurry before everyone notices how much it’s already blooming!

Sunday! Back home to good old Kumamoto and mount Aso! Tokyo is thrilling and I had a great time. Especially since I got to meet up with Madoka for the first time in 1,5 months. But I can’t deny that returning home to this breath-taking view is the best!
Oh, and actually, there is another special thing about this Sunday that I thought of reporting but I’ll save it for next week so look forward to it!

So how did you enjoy this way of writing the blog instead? If you have any feedback feel free to leave a comment. I will try this for a couple of weeks at least and see how it feels.

Well, that is it for now! See you next week!



One thought on “Local TV, Tokyo, and cherry blossom

  1. Interesting format! I like it. Maybe you could alternate, so that you can deep dive into some topics now and then. Is there allready something on youtube to watch? Miss you!


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