Gondo Charolais – Day camp!

Hello friends!I did it, I managed to write another post without waiting a year this time.Today is the 1st of June and the summer vibes are real! The temperature outside easily goes above 30 degrees and I can feel the creeping presence of insane Japanese humidity looming around the corner. But enough about that, IContinue reading “Gondo Charolais – Day camp!”

Mt. Aso Hiking! Suzume-iwa Ukai Route!

Hello! Long time no see! Max here! I haven’t been writing too much lately but my life has certainly not been as inactive as this blog. To give you a quick update, I’m married and will soon be a father! But let’s save that story for another time. Today I will be introducing one ofContinue reading “Mt. Aso Hiking! Suzume-iwa Ukai Route!”

Aya no Sho, a Seamless Blend of East and West.

Heavy rain batters against the car drowning out the faint sound of storm warnings on the radio as we pull up to Ryokan Aya no Sho (彩の庄). A sliver of nervousness grasps us as we imagine the entire inn being swept away by the wet forces of nature. As we step out of our car,Continue reading “Aya no Sho, a Seamless Blend of East and West.”

Ryokan Fujimoto, Homely luxury at its best!

After my last stay at Ryokan Sanga, I got the opportunity to continue my hometown travels in exchange for documenting my experiences in English! My first stop is Ryokan Fujimoto! Ryokan Fujimoto turned out to be a fantastic experience that far surpassed my expectations with its homely but still refined take on luxury. Come alongContinue reading “Ryokan Fujimoto, Homely luxury at its best!”

Healing for the mind, body and soul! Ryokan Sanga in Kurokawa Onsen.

Hello. friends! I’m back for more and this time I will introduce a location that holds a special place in my heart. So, where might this be? Let me tell you! This is Sanga Ryokan in Kurokawa Onsen! In order to recuperate after Covid-19, many of the onsen establishments in my town offer special dealsContinue reading “Healing for the mind, body and soul! Ryokan Sanga in Kurokawa Onsen.”

A few words regarding Covid-19

Hello everyone, There has been a long silence here and I deeply apologize for that. Spring has arrived safely here in Aso, Kumamoto and the fresh grass is greener and more beautiful than ever! It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that even life in this small mountain village has been a bit crazyContinue reading “A few words regarding Covid-19”

3 days of Minamioguni adventures!

Woop woop! I’m still alive!!! Sorry for the looooong time away! I’ve been a busy bee and even though I’ve had some time off here and there, that time has been spent face down in my bed. So, let’s start off by saying that we have finally launched our website for the guided private toursContinue reading “3 days of Minamioguni adventures!”

Summer times! Tateiwa Suigen Festival!

Hey and hello! The rainy season has finally ended and the summer is here in full force! Which also means overwhelming heat and a constant flow of sweat trickling down my back and forcing me to do laundry almost every day! Something that goes along with Japanese summer is ‘matsuri’! Matsuri means festival and theyContinue reading “Summer times! Tateiwa Suigen Festival!”

Random life updates from rural Japan!

Hello everyone! Missed a week! Sorry about that, but as you can see I’m alive and kicking! I will blame my slight absence on the fact that I have spent all my free time lately on studying. And as an effect of the studies, obsessive gardening… I’m taking a big exam at the beginning ofContinue reading “Random life updates from rural Japan!”