Kurokawa Onsen Morning Picnic! In the rain!

Hello!! Happy Sunday! In lack of better pictures to start off this post, I’ll share another beautiful selfie of me and my partner-in-crime Koko! Today I will touch on a subject that I surprisingly haven’t delved all that deep into on the blog yet. Namely, Kurokawa Onsen! Obviously, I have mentioned Kurokawa Onsen since it’sContinue reading “Kurokawa Onsen Morning Picnic! In the rain!”

Veggies, Meat, and vast Grasslands!

Hello!! Max here being mounted by my delightful but slightly bossy owner Koko! Today will be a shorter but nonetheless pleasant post. I actually just got back from a very nice and delicious BBQ-lunch in the middle of the vast grasslands (sougen/草原) of Mt. Aso and thought I’d share some pictures. The mastermind behind thisContinue reading “Veggies, Meat, and vast Grasslands!”

Captain of the sea, Magne in Minamioguni!

Hello friends, family and other readers who might have happened to find their way to my world of slow living, Max here getting all steamed up and cozy! This time I will share some pictures and words from a rather unexpected visit. A captain of the sea from my neighboring country of Norway happened toContinue reading “Captain of the sea, Magne in Minamioguni!”

Unraveling a few mysteries about Shochu!

Hello everyone! Max here enjoying the spring, nature and… whaaat?! A new look to the blog??? And a new name?? Well, I decided to upgrade the blog a bit and with that came an actual domain name. I feel very special! To be honest I spent quite a few sleepless nights desperately trying to comeContinue reading “Unraveling a few mysteries about Shochu!”

Weekend exclusive and…My new pets???

The new (wannabe) anchor (pretending to be) reporting live (actually not even that…) from Minamioguni! So what do you do with your free time when living in a small town in the middle of the mountains? Is there anything to do on the weekends or is watching the grass grow the only way to makeContinue reading “Weekend exclusive and…My new pets???”

Sunshine on Japan’s biggest volcano!

Hello hello!! The sun is out from hiding and the weather is back to its normal sparkling and wonderful self and for some reason, I’m still hanging out at waterfalls. Since last weeks post was heavily dominated by dark clouds, thick mist, pouring rain, and too many umbrellas, I thought I would share some picturesContinue reading “Sunshine on Japan’s biggest volcano!”

Change, nature, and new friends

Good evening to the world! Max here showing of what has commonly become known as the “Viking pose”. Don’t ask me why! I take no blame! First, before anything else! I will report on some “just in”-news, smoking hot fresh out of the radio! Literally only a few minutes ago! Minamioguni just got its firstContinue reading “Change, nature, and new friends”

Great escape, making miso and forest adventures! Oh and more sakura!

Hello!! Max reporting in from Minamioguni! Do you know what this is? This is a Japanese confectionary known as Yomogi mochi and it has nothing to do with the title of this week! At least almost nothing. But before that, some of you might have noticed the lack of a post from last week? Well,Continue reading “Great escape, making miso and forest adventures! Oh and more sakura!”