Switched roles? The student becomes the master!

Hello! Did I scare you? I hope not! Anyhow, I might be a bit under the weather this weekend but that won’t stop me from sharing this beautiful face with the world! As I mentioned last time I have a ton of stuff to share from last week so I’ll continue the report in thisContinue reading “Switched roles? The student becomes the master!”

Experience Minamioguni, mini-version!

(18/02 edit: Noticed some major errors when I read the post again! Sorry and fixed!) Hello! Sunday again and I’m here with another update! This has been one intensive week packed with new and fun experiences. To start it off, this Monday, the 11th of February, I had the pleasure of arranging my first eventContinue reading “Experience Minamioguni, mini-version!”


View this post on Instagram 牡蠣小屋イベント@きよらカァサ!Oyster BBQ event@Kiyora Kaasa! #牡蠣 #日本 #熊本 #南小国 #土曜日 #イベント #牡蠣小屋 #料理 #japan #kumamoto #minamioguni #oysters #food #saturday A post shared by Max Wall/ワルマックス (@max.in.japan) on Feb 8, 2019 at 6:48pm PST For some reason, in the middle of the mountains, a small town decided that February, the coldest monthContinue reading “Oyster+winter=Minamioguni?”

A not so Christmassy Friday!

Hello again!! Christmas is almost upon us so I thought I’d share something to read for the one who needs to forget about the Christmas-stress for a moment. And, for better or for worse, this post contains a shockingly low amount of Christmas feeling. I have safely survived my first week as a citizen ofContinue reading “A not so Christmassy Friday!”