Aya no Sho, a Seamless Blend of East and West.

Heavy rain batters against the car drowning out the faint sound of storm warnings on the radio as we pull up to Ryokan Aya no Sho (彩の庄). A sliver of nervousness grasps us as we imagine the entire inn being swept away by the wet forces of nature. As we step out of our car,Continue reading “Aya no Sho, a Seamless Blend of East and West.”

Ryokan Fujimoto, Homely luxury at its best!

After my last stay at Ryokan Sanga, I got the opportunity to continue my hometown travels in exchange for documenting my experiences in English! My first stop is Ryokan Fujimoto! Ryokan Fujimoto turned out to be a fantastic experience that far surpassed my expectations with its homely but still refined take on luxury. Come alongContinue reading “Ryokan Fujimoto, Homely luxury at its best!”