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My name is Max and I was born in 1989 in Sweden. I fell in love with Japan when I was 8 years old. It all started in a small bookstore in an even smaller town called Trosa. My grandmother offered to buy me a Japanese manga translated into Swedish. At the time, I was very absorbed in the world of Harry Potter and refused my grandmother’s offer since I felt that I was too big to read anything other than real books. Ignoring me my grandmother bought the manga anyway, and today I am very happy about that. As soon as we left the bookstore I started reading and before I knew it I was hooked. I read like crazy and finished the manga while we were still walking resulting in us going back and buying the next two manga-books as well.

Since then my interest in Japan kept growing and growing and in 2011 I was finally able to go to Japan for the first time. And it wasn’t a normal trip, I actually moved to Kyoto to study Japanese for a year. The experience was so amazing that I decided to stay for another year. And after that, I felt that I want to live and work permanently in this country. So I went back to Sweden to finish University to be able to get a proper working visa in Japan.

I graduated in January 2018 and moved to Japan on the 2nd of October roughly 10 months later. Which leads us to now! What comes after this, you will have to read in the blog!

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