Satoyama Journey


Satoyama Journey is a tour operating business based in the town Minamioguni, located close to Japan’s largest active volcano. This business was born from a single wish shared by the locals of this area. A wish to preserve their culture and keep it alive for the children of today and for future generations. Satoyama literally means “Village mountain”. This word represent a way of life that harmonizes with nature, and the mountain and the village becomes one inseparable entity. The mountain thrive thanks to the care of humans and humans thrive thanks to the blessings of the mountain. If either one suffers, so will the other.
Our wish is to bring you on a journey into a fascinating part of Japan. Small private tours that let you get into contact with real people and real culture. All while knowing that your presence here is a vital factor that helps us preserve a 1000 year old culture.
Max Wall

Max Wall

“Definitely one of my best days here in Japan!!!”

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